Next Steps for your Church members

Create a 'Next Steps' hub for your church using WordPress! Setup in minutes, mobile first & responsive, and designed to integrate with your existing WordPress site!

Getting your church members engaged and involved can sometimes be tricky. Whether it is joining a small group, an RSVP for a church event, or finding a place to serve—you want to make it easy to TAKE ACTION.

You’ve got lots of ways to communicate with your members—announcements, bulletins, emails, and SMS text messages. But so many channels can make it easy for things to be missed.

Wouldn’t it be better if your members only had to look in one place to find all the ways they can get more involved in the life of your church?

This is what WP Church Center will do for you. A single place to send your members to find the most important information they need to know about for that week.

Why use WP Church Center?

It can create a central hub of all the ways members can be involved—like latest messages, sign up for courses, volunteer action form, Baptism sign—up, prayer request, featured event, Giving, life groups, etc.

It’s responsively designed to work nicely on mobiles and other devices—so the information is always at their fingertips—even if they’ve just heard the announcement and want to act straight away

The link to your virtual information center will never change. No need to search through emails, social media posts, or texts to find it. Once set up, this link will always represent the latest information they need to know.

Who is WP Church Center for?


Move your members to take action by reading additional resources, signing up for baptism & courses, or RSVPing for an important church-wide event.

Church Communicators

Bring the most important actions & next steps for your members into one virtual space, making it easier for the church to take action.


Spend less time answering simple questions because members can always find the information they need in a central location.

How can WP Church Center benefit my church?

Replace or supplement your mobile app maintenance, cost, and purpose.

Replace or reduce the need to communicate details via your church bulletin.

Save money by minimizing or completely replacing your church bulletin and other printed resources about events and signup forms.

Communicate more effectively and succinctly via text, email, or social by pointing your audience to a single link FMI.

Reduce the possible congestion at your church’s info center and maximize the space on your church info or bulletin board.

It works with WordPress, so it’s fairly flexible. Not required to pay for another service or login to a different platform. And our core plugin is FREE. And will be FREE forever.


Loads of design options!

4 Layouts to choose from

Dark and Light themes

Customize background colour and logo position

3 Social Icon styles

Greyscale and tinted image options

Download FREE PluginView Demo


Super Easy to Administer & Customize

Change your layout and design options easily—and all with a live preview to see how it will look BEFORE you make it live!

Add and Edit content like you would with any WordPress page or post—all your plugins and shortcodes will be available as content within your cards.

Drag and Drop ordering of cards makes it easy to feature a card, and then change it back once it is done.

But I already have a website?

If your website is your virtual church targeted at potential visitors, WPCC is your information center. It’s functional, specific and meant to encourage your members to take action.

It isn’t meant to replace your website, rather to help reduce information overload and ineffective communication strategies. Think: how can I make it easy for my audience to take the action now?

But I already have an app?

Apps can be a super valuable tool for churches, but there are many things about a mobile-friendly hub that work to your advantage.

A church hub can be quick to make updates to, works on any device and doesn't require your members to install anything - it's seamless, easy and simple.

Start your Church Center NOW!